Pow Crunchy


Each 500 g box has 10 x 50g  packets of crunchies.  Enriched, high energy, nutritional crunchy with protein. Delicious, particularly with your cup of tea or coffee!



A tasty, high protein energy crunchy enriched with vitamins and minerals that serves as a great healthy snack for school children, athletes and other busy adults. Ideal for endurance sports or simply energy for your busy day.

Additional information

Weight 540 g
Dimensions 21.0 × 18 × 0.75 cm
High in Energy

Provides an energy boost when you need it most. Great for long distance athletes and other busy people.


Protein is essential for growth and recovery.

Vitamins & Minerals

Contains 27 essential vitamins and minerals. These micro nutrients are essential for a healthy body and mind.


Contains prebiotics which keeps your digestive system healthy.


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